Büro Schwarzach
Büro Schwarzach


1983 as a single company
2002 founding of ZT GmbH



Univ.-Prof. DI Hermann Kaufmann


Office manager:

DI Roland Wehinger



22 (as of 2016)


Business areas:

Architecture planning,
Local construction supervision,
Construction site coordination,
Specialisation – wood construction


Our office has been part of the Vorarlberg architecture scene since 1983. It is strongly characterised by the crafts environment and offers a wide-spread range of construction tasks. New construction equals a quest for context. We try to create references to the location with all of its characteristics from nature, buildings and society. We are committed to a modern and future-oriented language of form. However, architecture not only constitutes a search for formal expression, but also leads us to intensely deal with aspects from the field of tension between pragmatism and an artist's joy in building new things. Two great subjects are challenging us: Sustainable construction in general and modern wood construction in particular. Our intense long-term experience with the biogenic building material wood and its ecological potential enables us to overcome limits. The local building material offers the opportunity for an alterative and future-oriented building process and is to return to our living and working worlds as an important alternative for conventional materials. Sustainable construction comprises more than the lowest-energy and passive building concepts that have become a matter of course by now. To us, sustainability means considering aspects of building culture, quality, life cycle and ecological materials. With smart designs for building structure and constructions, we want to take into account the possibility of later usage changes or expansion from the very beginning.